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NSW Parliament Recognition

Well this was something that came totally unexpected at the end of 2022, just as we were packing for our trip to Adelaide. I am very honoured to have been recognised in parliament by my local member, The Hon. Wendy Tuckerman [Member for Goulburn and the Minister for Local Government]. I am thankful that in this recognition comes an acknowledgement of the value of literature and art to our community and broader society. So often we toil in the Arts with the ups and downs of acceptances and rejections, the limited funding and the small moments of success, so I was taken aback with this formal acknowledgement and continue to be thankful.

The recent announcement by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese that Australia will have a Poet Laureate and an injection of funding into the Arts fills many of us with the hope that poetry and writing will continue find a significant place in the artistic and social landscape of our country. Below is the text of recognition:


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