My debut full length poetry collection

Whatever love is for, poetry does that: Peter Ramm’s book is an instance. The collection Peter has crafted is shapely and wise and beautiful. 


Mark Tredinnick

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These are timeless poems – long linocuts and etchings of nature and place.  Ramm lays down his lines like a painter, creating sketches of family and vignettes of life.  Each poem is a beachcomber walking with wonder along the waterlines of a perfect beach. 

—Damen O'Brien

Waterlines doesn’t read like a first collection. Which is not to say it isn’t fresh or exciting. Rather, that this is a poet at the height of their powers ... People who adore the great Australian poets Judith Beveridge or Gwen Harwood will love this collection 


Broede Carmody, Sydney Morning Herald/The Age

Below are links to poems that have appeared in a range of publications and anthologies. 


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  • "Canvas" first published by The Red Room Company and subsequently in Poems to Share II, 2018





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