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Bundanon Launch of SCWC Anthology Mantle

A special afternoon to hear some words from writers featured in the South Coast Writers Center anthology for 2022 “Mantle” at Bundanon Trust .

A privilege to have my poem Late August Tercets among the pages.

My many thanks to Sarah Nicholson as editor and director of the center for all of her work in supporting our local writers and setting up such wonderful collaborations between art’s organisations on the South Coast.

The day also marked the opening of the 2023 South Coast Writers Center Poetry Award in collaboration with Wollongong Art Gallery. This year I’m honoured to be one of the judges for the award.

Also pictured here is Kathleen Bleakly’s ‘Two Heart’ and Ron Pretty’s Creating Poetry with Pitt Street Poetry, which I picked up as well.

The anthology oexplores the concept of connection through works from emerging, established and award-winning local writers, including Erin Shiel, Nicole Smede, Elanna Herbert, Sean West, Lore White, Peter Frankis, Rhian Healy, Jonathan Cant, Linda Godfrey, Kathleen Bleakley, Mike Cavanagh, Elizabeth Walton, Amelia Fielden, Judi Morison, Julie Janson, Isabella Luna, Gabrielle Journey Jones, Peter Ramm, Hanan Khorsheed, Fatima Sayed, Brittany Riley and Bruce Maclachan.


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