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NSW English Teacher's State Conference

It was a great privilege to both speak on a panel and run a workshop at the NSW English Teacher's Association Annual Conference in November. My many thanks to Mel Dixon, Sharyn Stafford, Eva Gold, and the whole team at the English Teacher's Association for having me and for hosting such a rich conference that brought us all back together after so many missed opportunities over the last few years. It was refreshing to be back together and to be building that wider community teachers.

A treat to be with Mel Dixon, Mark Rafidi, David Leys, and Michael Marokakis to talk Writing Teachers and how our practice informs our teaching. There were so much to hear of how these writers have shaped both their classroom practice and their own writing careers over the years, and how their own personal lives find their way into their writing.

Later I presented a workshop on some of my favourite poets in Kirli Saunders, Mark Tredinnick, and Charles Wright to a room full of teachers.

A real joy and something to keep looking forward to doing again in 2023.


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