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Poetica Petit Reading

Last night I had the joy of featuring at Poetica Petit alongside Maia Marsh. Thank you to all who braved the rain and conditions, and the nerves of the open mic to bless us with their words and song.

It was a warm and intimate affair and we were all wowed by your lines and melodies. Thank you to Miriam Hechtman who is a tour de force in the Sydney Poetry Scene—it was an honour to be with you and. to be part of one of your events! We continue in your debt.

It was a pleasure to be with friends and to meet many new faces. Again, sharing the stage with Jonathan Cant and Anna Hueneke was splendid. Some of Jonathan's images are still with me today, mulling around in the back of my head, and Anna's translated English/Hebrew/Poem/Hymn was an event in itself. Be on the lookout for more events at Poetica, and more from all of those who got up on the mic—we have much talent in our midst and it's such a boost to be back together in person again!

You can see some more photos below and even some clips of Maia's performance with @jordancharleswilson (her partner) which blew the room away!

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