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Poetry for the Planet Anthology

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Thrilled to have two poems included in the Poetry for the Planet Anthology. by Litoria Press.

I have two poems in the anthology.

Seven Sijo in July is a run of poems in the Korean Sijo form on winter in Robertson which contemplates our place in the world and After December the Summer in Fog was written after the bushfires of 2020 and the catastrophe our environment faces because of climate change.

My great thanks to Denise O'Hagan and Julia Kaylock for accepting my work and for editing this stellar anthology on the contemplation of imagined futures. Wonderful to be alongside so many great poets!

I am also very thankful and feel privileged that Denise and Julia chose a line of my poem for the the back cover. This is a great honour and I am very humbled by their selection.


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