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Poetry on the Move Festival

Very honoured to be a part of this wonderful poetry festival in Canberra. I've long admired the work of all those at Poetry on the Move and their excellent festivals of the past, so I am thrilled to announce I'll be running a workshop this year.

The festival will run from September 22nd-26th, 2022. But, this workshop runs outside of those dates to extend the festival somewhat. The theme for this year is Lyrical Manoeuvres, and I'll be looking at manoeuvring Into the Interior with the brief:

This workshop will focus on how poets move poems between the physical world into the interior of the poet. It will examine how we cross the threshold between the natural world and the emotional state of the writer, and how language and form become the vehicle for this lyrical manoeuvrer.

It gets even better because its on Zoom, so you can jump in from anywhere.

More details to be announced soon. Feel free to check out Poetry on the Move's website at:

My thanks to Kimberly Williams and all the team for their hard work in setting up the festival.


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