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The Incompleteness II and Brustrokes II Anthologies.

Thrilled to say that I have a poem in each of these wonderful anthologies.

The first Brustrokes II is an anthology of poems submitted to the Ros Spencer Poetry Contest which runs alongside the Perth Poetry Festival and in honor Ross Spencer. My poem Three Cormorants was submitted last year, and although it didn't place, it was a lovely surprise for it to be picked up for the anthology. The anthology is available through the WA Poets Website and was launched by Allan Padgett and the Perth Poetry Lounge on November 20, 2021.

The second anthology was a collaboration between AAWP and Recent Work Press to put a call out to writers for a response to the COVID pandemic one year on. A description of the book follows:

"In April 2020, amidst the global pandemic of Covid-19, the Australasian Association of Writing Programs (AAWP), the peak academic body representing the discipline of Creative Writing in Australasia, sent a call for contributions to The Incompleteness Book (2020: Recent Work Press). The storytellers and poets were asked to respond to the prompt: the incompleteness of human experience. The second edition represents the impetus to capture a composite picture of what writers made of this prompt, one year on. Contributors were asked to consider what they had discarded; what they coveted more closely than ever; whether they had learned something, about themselves or more broadly. In this thought-provoking collection contributors were asked to write back and think forward. The result is a multi-focal expression of: Where to, from here?"

It can be purchased from the Recent Work catalogue here:

My many thanks to the editors Ann Gilchrist, Mike Greenacre for Brushstrokes, and Julia Prendergast, Eileen Herbert-Goodall, and Jen Webb for The Incompleteness in choosing my work for their anthologies.


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