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Waterlines - Sydney Morning Herald Review

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

I must thank Broede Carmody for this lovely review of my collection Waterlines. The first review and one that reads so close to all I had hoped to write.

But here are a couple of quotes:

"Waterlines doesn’t read like a first collection. Which is not to say it isn’t fresh or exciting. Rather, that this is a poet at the height of their powers."

"In one of the standout poems, Three Cormorants, the winter light “makes apostles of us all, followers/ Of heat and light … I walk, as I must,/ Among the urchins./ There’s a distance between/ Us”. People who adore the great Australian poets Judith Beveridge or Gwen Harwood will love this collection."

It is a pleasure to be alongside Emilie Collyer, who's collection Do you have anything less domestic? is also available at Vagabond. You can purchase copies of our collections through the links on the their titles above.


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